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LCO France
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The Livradois-Forez nature park

The Village of St Alyre

St. Alyre d'Arlanc from the air.

St Alyre d'Arlanc is a small village, set in a sheltered valley at an altitude of 860 metres. It's surrounded by tiny hamlets interspersed with pine and birch forests. The whole region is a place of outstanding natural beauty.

The volcanic rolling hills of Auvergne

It lies almost at the heart of the Livradois-Forez nature park, a quarter of a million acres of the Massif Central range of extinct volcanic mountains, that cut across the middle of France. Here lies the province known as Auvergne, one of the most romantic regions of France .

The nearest cities are Clermont-Ferrand, St Etienne, Lyon, Thiers and Vichy and there are many smaller towns such as Arlanc, Ambert, Brioude, Issoire and Le Puy en Velay within a 15-40 minute drive.

Spring brings out fields of wild narcissus, their heady perfume wafting in the air as one strolls around the village.

Many of these gifts of nature are often harvested for the manufacture of perfume.
Arlanc Police Band playing concert during fete.

During the summer months the population rises to about 200, and during the local fete in July, the village hosts up to 1000 visitors, family and friends.

In the autumn, the mushroom season brings visitors from far and wide. The smell of wild mushrooms drying in the September sun is unforgettable.

Only the hardiest stay through the coldest months of winter when the population falls to just 50 brave souls and snow often coats the countryside in white.

The church square opposite LCO France.

Temperatures as low as -28C have been recorded but this is rare. There are spells during the winter months when its possible to sit outside, in the sun, in a t-shirt, but one should always be prepared for the cold.

Water here is pure and chemical free, the air bracing and healthy. Traffic is light, and the surrounding forests and countryside offer calm places for solitude and inner reflection.

Bienvenue chez nous, our home is your home - its the atmosphere you'll find at LCO France.

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